Volunteer “Day of Visit” Tips

Some of the responsibilities of the on-site volunteers include the following:

1. Make sure the students follow their instructions on putting together their personal budget, based on their assigned real life case scenario sheet.
2. Assist the students in figuring out the necessary amount for each budget item, i.e., food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc.
3. Make sure the students follow their lunch and break schedules.
4. Help the students clean up their assigned storefront.

To make the day a rewarding experience for you, please be aware of the following:

  • All volunteers must arrive at JA World at the time stated on the schedule. Volunteers should bring a bagged lunch and snacks for the day.
  • Volunteers should wear comfortable shoes.
  • Volunteers recruited through the school must complete the school’s volunteer security clearance (Star System).
  • Volunteers recruited through Junior Achievement must go through a background check.
  • Students must return to school on the school bus. Parents will not be permitted to take students home from JA World unless authorized by the school’s administration.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alexa Diaz at (954) 979-7114 or alexa@jasouthflorida.org Thanks again for your interest in becoming an integral part of JA World!