JA BizTown Online Training

The following series of three videos provides volunteers an overview of the JA BizTown simulation day and student learning goals. Each video focuses on specific elements of the day and provides a model of how to get the day started, how to manage the tasks happening in your assigned business and how to support students. Please go through the three videos listed below, in order from 1-3, and fill out the registration form which is located at the end of Segment 3.

Segment One

This ten-minute video focuses on how volunteers engage with students during business start-up, including an essential "to-do list" and examples of ways to help effectively direct student activity.

Segment Two

This six-minute video focuses on the central portion of the day, illustrating the timeline for student workflow, break schedules, visits to the JA BizTown bank, and business meetings.

Segment Three

This six-minute video focuses on the last part of the simulation visit, from the final student shopping opportunity to business clean up and dismissal.

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