Volunteer Information

Americans have a tradition of stepping up. We thrive on action, energy and enterprise. When someone is in need, we don't sit back and cross our fingers, hoping that the situation will improve - we create solutions. Right now, it is our own young people who are in need.

Junior Achievement answers our children's urgent need with a proven model. Through your volunteer service with Junior Achievement, you can step up and make it possible for students to participate in JA's relevant, hands-on programs.

JA in a Day opportunities are available to volunteers if their company has chosen to support JA South Florida through that delivery model.

This is JA

Junior Achievement’s financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship programs are designed to inspire and prepare students from Kindergarten through 12th grade to own their future economic success. They are taught by trained volunteer role models from the local community – including business professionals, parents, and college students – using professionally designed and rigorously evaluated curriculum materials.

Standard programs are presented by JA’s volunteers for 30-45 minutes each week for five to seven weeks, with the exact time commitments dependent upon the grade level of the students.